About Us

  • Silver Centrre, a Traditional and Contemporary Jewelry Design House with, in house state of the art manufacturing facility established by Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra in 1897, popularly known as The Silver King of India. So powerful and influential a man, that he become the very person to be controlling the prices of silver in the Indian market. All of North East Indian belt’s silver was purchased by him during 1928-1934, a period of the 2nd World War, which made him the one and only man with the largest shareholding of silver in the country.
  •  It was he who brought the family into the silver business. His vision guided his son Shri Lalit Kumar Boochra to come up with his flagship store in Silver Jewelry and Artifacts in the year of 1961. He created a huge collection of Silver Jewelry by travelling and meeting artisans and craftsmen from the jewelry making regions of Rajasthan, which till date makes up for the larger section of our Vintage Jewelry collection.
  • In 1994 magic happened when the company’s Creative Designer and Director Mrs. Sangeeta Boochra joined hands with her father in-law Shri Lalit Kumar Boochra shortly after being married into the family. She came with a design background and education. She gave the brand a new face and approach altogether. Born in the heart of Rajasthan but brought up in the state of Assam. On having returned to her place of birth, the fondness for its art and craft was reborn. 
  • This in turn got her to combine her design education and the in-house silver jewelry business together giving a whole new meaning to the family business. Sangeeta Boochra’s hard work, passion and dedication soon took its course and brought great name and recognition to the company. Such was the impact and growing demand for her designs that the company soon began to get invited to various prestigious shows and fashion weeks both in India.
  • By 2011 the company decided upon an entire range and brand under the designer’s name, giving birth to the label SANGEETA BOOCHRA (A Brand of SILVER CENTRRE).
  • SANGEETA BOOCHRA jewelry today finds its place on high in the segment of new age jewelry. Our silver jewelry is most popular among the modern segment of jewelry across the globe. Going by the upcoming trends at the fashion weeks and the red carpet silver jewelry is soon to become more popular in comparison to gold jewelry.
  • Sangeeta Boochra has long been integrated with the fashion industry and its demand is growing day by day. We as a brand have been putting in constant efforts to create modern and trendy designs to enhance our appeal and leverage of our brand in the gold souk.
  • Each of our pieces is very carefully crafted by hand and no machinery is used. Each craftsman does have his own style in creating jewelry, making it more unique and individualistic. Our supreme motive being as a brand to be a modern line of silver jewelry which has it all to make sure you get a unique piece of radiance to wear each time. The brand brings to you a range in purest of silver. It has collections in vintage, tribal, gold plated, stone studded, south temple jewelry, contemporary to modern to new age minimalism. 
  • Design that have originated by being inspired by travels to the interiors of the remotest of regions of Rajasthan, to the state of Gujarat and green pastures of the South. We bring to you all of India, in shiny ornamented form. Going by the current trends we have also been continuously our range of modern and contemporary designer jewelry.