Rooted in Responsibility
Silver Centrre was founded on principles of diversity, integrity and accountability. We believe economic growth can, and must, be achieved with social and environmental responsibility. We produce jewellery responsibly.

Since 2001, our dedicated local CSR experts have made a significant impact across all our operations. They are the ambassadors of our sustainability programme.
Silver Centrre has always taken its social and environmental responsibilities seriously. Our principles of integrity, quality and transparency are woven into the fabric of the business — from procurement, manufacturing and distribution to the way we treat our people and local communities.
Equally, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is integrated into every part of the organisation. This is not only the right thing to do, we believe it is also essential for strong, sustainable growth. Our CSR Strategy is formulated around three core values:
Integrity: We strive always to do what is right, and we always keep our promises.
Accountability: We deliver the same promise of trust and craftsmanship to every customer, everywhere in the world.
Diversity: We embrace human diversity, and treat everyone with the same respect and dignity.

To achieve our vision of responsible leadership, the Boards and employees of Silver Centrre are guided by a set of core principles:
We promise carefully and deliver diligently.
We build trust with fairness and humility.
We set high standards, beyond legal compliance.
We embrace the challenge of continuous innovation.
We aim to inspire all our people to share the responsibility of protecting the environment.
We are totally against Child Labour and we do not promote any such kind of activity.
We regularly donate to various organizations like Mother Teresa , Hospitals, Schools so that someone can have a better life.
We aim for a greener environment and take the utmost care during our production to not to hamper the environment.

All people are entitled to human rights and basic freedoms as these are the cornerstone of every society. It is everyone’s responsibility to increase access to and to protect these freedoms. As Silver Centrre we try to address Human Rights through our commitment to responsible sourcing and by taking absolute responsibility where we can have influence.

Product integrity and quality improvement is our primary way of enhancing customer value. We address product integrity in our value chain through:
Sourcing from reputable companies based on the reliability of the sellers
Leading quality management processes in our manufacturing operations
Managing contractors
Open collaboration with industry partners to develop a common approach