Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra :
Traditional and Contemporary Jewelry Design House with, in house state of art manufacturing facility established by Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra in 1897, known as THE Silver King of India. An exceptionally respectful and influential personality. So much so that it gave him the opportunity to be the one controlling the silver prices in the Indian market. The complete North and East Indian belt silver were purchased by him between 1928 to 1934 , during the Second World War which made him the largest player of Silver in India. He established The Bullion Association Limited - Rajasthan in 1926 , the only place to trade silver bars. He was the president of Bullion Association for 40 years till his death.

Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra :
Continued the legacy of His father known as KCB and multiplied the business manifold and changed a workshop into a factory. Increasing turnover/sales and created wealth for the artisans and kaarigars who worked for him, He is a philanthropist and a visionary. He promoted his Daughter In Law Sangeeta Boochra and Neeta Boochra into the family business and supported them in every way.

He is the Chairperson of Silver Centrre and Sangeeta Boochra. Vice Chairperson Bullion Association Limited Partner Indogem Group – One of the Leading Gemstone Manufacturer of the World. He is in the board of various other organizations. After 20 years Sangeeta Boochra and Silver Centrre have become a brand name in design and jewelry industry. Publication houses, Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities flaunt their jewelry designed by Sangeeta Boochra today. Today Silver Centrre retails from more than 20 outlets all over India. This all happened because of the dream and vision of Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra. Under his guidance, the employees have grown and have created wealth for themselves and for others. Daughter in law Neeta and Sangeeta Boochra have achieved what they are today.

Neeta Boochra :
Founder-Chairperson : FICCI Ladies Organization
Executive Committee Member : SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneur Council

Sangeeta Boochra :
Director, Designer and a Brand name at Silver Centrre since, 1994. It is primarily the story of a woman: a dreamer, a traveler, and a lover. For almost twenty years Sangeeta Boochra has been creating jewelry at her image. She, a woman of rich experiences, whose soul is moved according to her adventures, her encounters, and her discoveries. Perhaps, it is this very outlook towards life and its experiences that makes her designs so very intriguingly unique and thus, desirable. As a child already, this cosmopolitan Jain girl invented fairy stories and was dumbfounded at her grandmother's jewels, reproduced images that flashed in her head in her drawing book.

Curious and contemplative, she brought sensations and memories from her many travels to interiors of India. At the age of choices, Sangeeta Boochra realized that Art, in all its forms, made her vibrate. What especially elated her endlessly was that Art carries imprints of the past. She never ceased to search for these wonders into the antique shops or the flea markets. Sangeeta Boochra has built a unique world where symbolism still holds a major role, where the past and present are combined with originality, where her pieces are like those artists jewelry she cherishes so much, where nature, travel, history but also photography, architecture or music, are endless sources of inspiration. The Collections are subtly reflecting the personality and sensibility of the designer.

Thus, like her, the sublime creations of Sangeeta Boochra reinvent themselves constantly. Traditional, Tribal and Contemporary Jewelry became her keys, timeless classics that she constantly reinterprets. Over the years, she worked hard to revisit its star pieces, to enrich the vocabulary, to give it that little extra something that characterizes her so well. She plays with her codes as we play with our identity. Season after season, she enhances the DNA pieces reflecting her moods. Contemporary, she is saying about her jewels that they are 'organic'; she perfectly transcribes the world she feels around her.