Silver Centrre, a name that has enthralled senses of every jewelry lover was an early initiative of Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra. He founded the Company in 1897.

Formed The Bullion Association Limited in 1926. The only association for trading metals at that time in Rajasthan, India. The association made a huge name for itself and became the one and only of its kind in almost all of Rajasthan. In accordance with this in 1926 Bullion formed Rajasthan’s 1ST fully active association for trading in Silver. It became a strong force and took the silver market scene by a storm. It might come as disbelief to most but from 1927 – 1932 all of North and East India’s Silver was purchased solely by Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra.

Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra, such was the man’s accomplishments and the goodwill that followed suit, that he was honored by the title of ‘The Silver King of India’. He made the association reach great heights and accolade and remained the President of the Association for 40 years.

Visionary Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra, son of Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra joined the business.

Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra founded a one stop store for top quality traditional silver jewelry and artifacts. Designs and vintage pieces from the treasure land of Rajasthan could all be found here.

Under the guidance of Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra Overseas export of Silver to countries like The United States of America, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong was started.

Under the Vision of Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra the company received great recognition and appreciation for its efforts in the silver trade world and henceforth was also awarded every now and then for maintaining The Purest and Highest Quality of Silver in all its jewelry. The company opened Various stores across India.

Sangeeta Boochra, younger Daughter in-law of Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra joined the company on the insistence of her father in law to encourage her creative side. She came to hold the position of the Creative Director and Designer.

The breakthrough period for the company and Sangeeta Boochra as a designer with her signature style of using gold matt finish in Silver Jewelry, a technique not so easily achieved in that time. Great appreciation came her way from there on.

Sangeeta Boochra spent a lot of time traveling and researching on the various traditional jewelry art forms and designs. For this, she traveled to remotest of areas known for its karigari and uniqueness. She brought home with her various artisans to promote and boost their skills. Till date, those karigars are her backbone and true supporters.

1998 - 1999
Mass production started.

2000 - 2005
The company became a part of various prestigious exhibitions, fairs and shows. Sangeeta Boochra and the Company won various prestigious awards for her collection and designs every now and then. This brought a lot of name, fame, and recognition to the Company, Designer, and Family.

By now Silver Centrre and Sangeeta had gained immense popularity in the Silver Jewelry market and thus began the inflow of Fashion week invites, not just from within the nation but internationally. Silver Centrre and designs of Sangeeta Boochra came to be hugely respected and became a substance of prestige and pride.

The sedulous efforts of Sangeeta Boochra at designing brought her great fame nationwide. Requests for showcasing her designs at all popular stores started to flow in from places around the country.

A great force and the elder daughter in law of the family Neeta Boochra joined hands with and Sangeeta Boochra as the Director of the company. Neeta Boochra already a well-known figure in the country became an asset to the existing pride of the company. She is the Founder-Chairperson of Ficci Flo – Jaipur and National Vice President of Ficci Flo and on the Executive board of SAARC nations.

The efforts of the two leading ladies brought home the invitation to be showcased at honorable places like The National Museum, New Delhi and The Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad.

Silver Centrre on special request and great client appeal took out a new line of Jewelry under the brand name SANGEETA BOOCHRA. A Brand consisting of statement pieces and designer jewelry by Sangeeta Boochra.